In support of Danny and Korda’s chosen charities, Birds Tackle will be donating the profit of the Korda Kool Quick Dry Long Sleeve Zip Neck Tops.

We will only have limited stocks of this clothing.

We have added £2 more, and this is to cover postage costs, all the rest will be given to Danny’s Charity.

Please help us and Danny


In episode #049 of Korda’s The Thinking Tackle Podcast, Danny Fairbrass revealed the full extent of his ongoing battle with melanoma skin cancer. He gave an extremely graphic and vivid insight into his current situation, in the hope to raise awareness surrounding sun safety. Danny wants to highlight the importance of wearing appropriate clothing and factor 50 sun cream when outside in the sun. Furthermore, he also announced that 50% of all profits from the Korda Kool clothing range will be going to Cancer Research UK, and the other 50% will go to the Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund. If you want to hear the full story about Dan’s battle with cancer, make sure you click on the link to his podcast below. Korda Thinking Tackle Podcast #049 – Danny’s Battle With Cancer | Carp Fishing #podcast #carpfishing #DannyFairbrass #RobKelly 

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